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Cleaning Services in Lenoir City, Tennessee

When deep cleaning services are required, rely on us to pay attention to every detail in your kitchen. You'll feel confident when the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas are deep cleaned.


Mildew and soap scum are no match for professionals. We clean every inch of your bathrooms, including the front of cabinets and walls or any surface where mildew grows. We clean and disinfect toilets, bathtubs, showers, shower doors, and your sink and vanity area. Our deep cleaning also includes:

• Baseboards Wiped
• Tile Grout Scrubbed
• Knickknacks Individually Cleaned

Kitchen & Eating Areas

We also clean countertops, cabinet doors, range hoods, and fronts of appliances. Fingerprints are removed from doors, doorframes, and all other surfaces. In addition, you can expect:

• Baseboards Wiped
• Inside of Range Hood Cleaned & Grease Filter Cleaned
• Knick-Knack Areas Cleaned
• All Kitchen Furniture Hand Wiped

Sleeping & Living Areas

You are sure to rest easier when we provide deep cleaning services. Your window sills and ledges are damp-wiped and all furniture is hand cleaned. Additional services include:

• Baseboards Wiped
• Furniture & Upholstery Vacuumed
• Doors & Frames Spot Cleaned for Fingerprints
• Carpet Edges Vacuumed & Areas under Accessible Furniture Vacuumed
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